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  The ISCP is an international connection of former and present members of the navy/marine as well as people  
who are engaged to keep international friendship between former sea war enemies of WW II.
One of their principles is understanding among peoples and countries. Special emphasis is paid on the
memory of Plauen’s Corvette Captain Werner Hartenstein and his crew of U 156. Furthermore maritime
traditions and historical research are carried out.
The ICP has been founded on November 23rd, 2002 in Plauen’s hotel “Alexandra” with 14 members from
Germany, Great Britain and Israel. Seven of them are members of the “Marinekameradschaft Plauen 1899”
(Navy Society). Presently, our association counts 41 members from seven countries.
Annually donations of the members and supporters take care of the necessary expenses.
The club magazine “Periscope” appears once a year.
Upon request, rules and application forms for a membership are being sent.
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